Food Blogs

Food Blogs
The blogs listed below are blogs about the many different dishes found China.

Hongkong Food Blog
Hong Kong Food Blog is authored by Anna, an ethnic Chinese and Hong Kong native. She writes about local dishes and restaurants, which generally include great looking photos. This is a great site to check out before a trip to Hong Kong or Canton.

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Recipe Nomad
Authored by adventurous chef and nomad Handy Awad, Recipe Nomad is a blog which chronicles recipes and culinary adventures. Now based in Shanghai, this blog features a lot of Chinese food and fusion recipes which are worth exploring.
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Feeding Fen
Ex-Shanghai expat Nick recently returned to England with his Chinese wife and started this blog to chronicle her insatiable appetite for Chinese cuisine.
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China Sichuan Food
Easy daily Chinese home cooking recipes with a focus on Sichuan Cuisine. Created and maintained by a Sichuan native who was raised to love and master Sichuan cuisine.
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Blogs that have been inactive for more than a year:

My China Kitchen is authored by a registered dietitian and is a resource for recipes, nutrition information and practical everyday tips that will help navigate Chinese grocery stores, markets and restaurants. Read more here.

Yzenith Chinese Recipes Blog is authored by Yan, a Chinese man who immigrated to the United States after 24 years in China and found that finding authentic Chinese food in America was difficult or impossible. The blog is a collection of authentic recipes with photos. Read more here.

Yi Cooks is a food blog of a Chinese woman named Yi who has immigrated to the Netherlands but maintains this site about a variety of Asian cuisine, including a lot of Chinese food. Read more here.

Eat Drink Chengdu is a blog based in Chengdu that authors posts about Sichuan food. Lots of great photos, descriptions and restaurant reviews to be found here. Read more here.

Red Cook is a blog about cooking Chinese food at home. Whether you’re in China or abroad this is a great resource for anyone who’s trying to test their hand at cooking Chinese food. Recipes used on Red Cook use ingredients available domestically in the US. Read more here.

The Savoury Road is authored by a German/English couple traveling around China, The Savoury Road is a journal of their culinary adventures in China. Read more here.

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