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Forget everything you think you knew about China. Instead, check out these sites to know what life in China really is like and (almost) everything you’ll need to know.

VPNs on, everyone.

Note: If you’re looking to find a VPN that works in China, you’ll want to read through this list of the best VPNs for China, which includes a strategy for how to use them effectively.

Hi My Name is Will!

Travel the world with Hi My Name is Will!

Austin in China


GoYvon is about Yvon’s life in China, her travels in China and her travels to other (mostly Asian) destinations.

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Jenny Kumari

Jenny Kumari is a Shenzhen-based Vlogger who makes videos about beauty, fashion, food and about living in China and her experiences here.

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Lena Around

Lena Around is a Danish girl in love with China. Her mission is to show people how cool and crazy China is. She also shares about AMWF relationships.

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Black in China

This guerrilla style ethnographic series are firsthand accounts of Black people’s accounts of living in the People’s Republic of China. These members of the African Diaspora are “western” by experience, hailing from the Antigua & Barbuda, Canada, Cuba, Dominica, Equatorial Guinea, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, the UK, the USA, and Venezuela. Their professions range from teachers, to entertainers, to entrepreneurs, all attempting to amalgamate and function to the life of the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong. All of the participants happily shared their likes, dislikes, business experiences, and advice to provide a voice to the Black expatriate voice of China.

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Asii is a South African enjoying her life in China: dancing in the streets with older friends, learning new musical instruments in the streets of Qingdao, spontaneous Mandarin lessons in the subways and all. Her mission is to share life in Asia with friends back at home and around the world.
Join her on her adventures to explore Asia together!

#asiinasia is all about Asi’s adventures in and around China.

Bill and Grace

Meet Bill; he’s a French Canadian, popcorn chicken addict with a golden touch for all things creative.
Meet Grace; she’s a Brit who’s an overly ambitious novis chef with a thing for all things true crime.
Watch them as they’re living, loving and embracing all things China, sharing their life together and with you in the city of Beijing. From places that make us never want to leave, to those that make us wanna grab the passports! From people we’ve come to call homies, to spitting neighbours we hate to love.


This Beijing-based language teacher is offering tips and advice for those who want to venture into China. Here’s a video on some dirty Chinese words.


Love what you do and do what you love. Content about everything this Vlogger loves and would love to share with you.