Best China Blogs, Video Channels & Podcasts

Regional Blogs

Regional blogs deal with a particular city or province of China – like Shanghai or Xinjiang, for example. If you’re located one of these regions or have particular interest in the language or culture of a region of China, this is the section for you. Most of these are authored by residents in their city or area of focus.

Greater China Blogs

These blogs deal with issues of culture, politics and life across China. Most of these blogs deal with broad topics like education, lifestyle and current trends and topics of discussion across the country or world. These are generally the most well-trafficked of the China blogging community.

Language Blogs

If you’re studying Chinese from within or without China, don’t miss out on these language blogs. With regular updates you can continue learning at the level that’s most appropriate to you. Many of these blogs offer paid and free resources and materials for learning Chinese.

Food Blogs

Whether you’re interested in learning to cook Chinese food or just have an appreciation for it, these blogs are dedicated to the culinary arts. Because there’s so much variation within China, by browsing a collection of blogs you can get a more comprehensive look at what’s available.

Photo Blogs

Sometimes a photograph can describe an experience or situation better than words, and that’s what these blogs are for. Communicating the difficult-to-explain nuances of China, whether in landscape, portrait or city life photo blogs.

Personal Blogs

With foreigners in China numbers in the hundreds of thousands, there are foreign bloggers spanning from Guangzhou to Xinjiang. Check out their personal blogs and see what their life is like or what they’re up to recently in this section.