Regional Blogs

China Regional Blogs

Below you’ll find a list of English language blogs which are authored in or feature content about China. Blogs are organized into two broad categories based on region:

Mainland China Blogs

Far West China

American Josh has lived in Xinjiang for over ten years and shares his experience and wisdom on his regional blog. Far West China is one of the few English-language Xinjiang blogs that has remained throughout Xinjiang losing internet access for over half a year. Great content from a fascinating region of China.

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Jing Theory

The blog of Shanghai-based writer Jenny – a freelance writer, producer, and photographer. She has been published in Conde Nast Traveler, Epicure, Time Out, CNNGo, Jing Daily, and is a contributor to the book “1001 Restaurants to Experience Before You Die”, published worldwide in 2014.

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Chengdu Living

Chengdu Living is a blog about life in the capital of Sichuan Province. It features weekly updates on a number of topics including culture, language, politics and more. Authored by a small group of Americans who have lived in Chengdu for a number of years.

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Authored by an American woman living in Qinghai with her husband and daughter, Nama-mama is a personal blog. Nama means “daughter-in-law” in Amdo Tibetan.

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Hong Kong & Taiwan

Pang Bianr

A resource for discovering avant-garde and emerging music from Beijing and elsewhere in China via streaming audio, video, reviews, interviews, and articles about independent Chinese art, music, and film.

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The original Hong Kong-based Chinese media translation blog. An excellent comparative resource.

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Blogs that have been inactive for more than a year:

Do Chengdu is the blog of a Hong Konger in Chengdu – what to do, what to see, where to go, where to eat, and all that is interesting in his daily adventures in this city of leisure. Read more here.

Journey to Hong Kong is the personal blog of Anna Tam, a world traveler who’s settled in the eastern metropolis of Hong Kong. She authors posts in both English and Chinese about local culture and happenings. Read more here.

Living in Hong Kong is a hilarious blog about my crazy experiences I make during a gap year in Hong Kong. Some content is published in German but this blog is mostly in English. Read more here.

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