Language Blogs

Language Blogs

Below you’ll find a list of English language blogs which are authored in or feature content about China.
For China-based readers, you’ll need VPN in order to view the RSS feeds.

In My Melody
A blog about Chinese pop music, with posts about recent songs including embedded video of the song, with full lyrics in Chinese and translated into English.

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Haha China
Haha China is a blog that translates Chinese humor and trending internet slang into english. If you’re curious about the latest internet memes circulated on Weibo and WeChat, also check out their Internet Slang Glossary.

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Kaohongshu is a blog for everyone interested in learning Chinese. Here you’ll find ideas, tools and resources. The name Kaohongshu is derived from the man selling kaohongshu (baked sweet potatoes) next to old university’s gate in Kaifeng (Henan, China).

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Learn Mandarin Now
A blog for learners of Mandarin, including dozens of blog posts on a variety of subjects. Created an infographic in 2015 titled “50+ Bloggers Tell You How to Learn Mandarin” which was very popular.

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Good Luck SJ
Good Luck SJ (Shijie/世界/World) is a blog about East Asian culture and language as well as lifestyle and life advice posts. She also has some posts written in simplified Chinese.

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In My Melody
In My Melody translates Chinese pop songs into English. Every post consists of the music video, the original Chinese lyrics, and the English translation.

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Marco Polo Project
Marco Polo Project is an online community reading and translating new writing from China. We publish a diverse selection of non-fiction, fiction and poetry, from the Chinese web, with a particular focus on social and cultural analysis.

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Sinosplice is a language blog authored by John, who’s been in China for 10 years. Sinosplice is updated occasionally and has a great backlog of useful tips and resources for learning Chinese.

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Hanbridge Mandarin Blog
The blog of a Mandarin language school with locations in Chengdu, Zhuhai and Shenzhen. As of summer 2015, they have a frequently-updated blog with posts about specific topics including Chinese terminology for learners.

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A fun and intuitive method of memorizing Chinese characters by showing their components graphically, in Spanish.

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Blogs Inactive for more than a year:

Chinese Hand 中国通 is a blog with a collection of idioms, recommendations on resources for Chinese learners, and much more.

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