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The blogs listed below focus on a wide range of topics pertaining to China in general. Culture, business, expat life in China, and more.

What’s on Weibo

Subtitled “Inside the trending topics of China”, What’s on Weibo is a blog that provides cultural, political, and historical insight into topics trending on China’s popular Weibo social network. Authored by a Dutch pundit on Chinese social media.

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Opportunity China

A blog featuring content published by many expat authors, teaching and working in China.

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Travel China Cheaper

Created by the founder of the wonderful Xinjiang blog Far West China, Travel China Cheaper is a blog about frugal travel all across China. Features a number of helpful article and photos from around the country.

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The Helpful Panda

Everything you need to know about China, from Chinese food to Chinese culture to planning a trip to The Great Wall. They make exploring China from your armchair easy.

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Hello Teacher!

The Hello Teacher blog offers real stories, practical advice and opinion pieces about teaching English in China – all written by past or present teachers in China.

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Far West China

A personal look at the unique area of China known as Xinjiang. The natural beauty here is about as fascinating as the various ethnic groups that call the place home.

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Rachel Meets China

Rachel Meets China is a travel brand dedicated to sharing unique travel experiences in China through videos, photos, blogs, and guides. Rachel shares tips for traveling to well-known bucket list destinations, as well as off-the-beaten-path places that many don’t see! China is a fascinating and huge country, and her goal is to explore and meet as many of those places as possible.

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Hola China

Holachina is primarily a travel blog about China encouraging travelers to get off the beaten-track. Written by Adam and Margie, their travels over the past few decades have given them a unique perspective not only on modern China, but also how it has changed over the years. They review books and films and have a food section. Due to Covid 19 travel restrictions they are updating their texts and putting up photos that haven’t been used before.

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Crawford Creations

A blog authored by an expat couple, publishing content on adventure travel in off the beaten path destinations across China.

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Adventures around Asia

Adventures Around Asia is about Asia off the beaten path, with a big emphasis on China!

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Land of Silk and Honey

Land of Silk and Honey is about life, adventure, eating, raising children and the running community in Suzhou, China where Hannah lives as a young expat mom. Her family is originally from the UK but they live and work in Suzhou as well as travel other regions of China.

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Aussie on the Road

Aussie on the Road is all about adventure travel, ambitious adventures, and bucket list travel.

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Development Reimagined

Development Reimagined is owned by a former diplomat/economist turned entrepreneur who focuses on development issues mainly between China and Africa.

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Dr. Izhar Ali

Dr. Izhar Ali is a PhD scholar at Guangxi University Nanning China. He started blogging in 2012, and loves to explore the things he knows, especially the beautiful places in China.

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Limitless Laowai

Limitless Laowai started a couple years back as a 5-show-a-week podcast helping expats live and work well in China. To cater to the 139 nations currently listening in to their series, they launched the Limitless Laowai Consulting App. Limitless Laowai focuses on developing content and online/offline programs that unlock more freedom and possibility in peoples’ lives! Hosted by Ally Mona and Pete Rogers, both located in Shanghai.

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Wherever I Want

Wherever I Want is the adventures of Alice, who is in her early 20’s but has already traveled to 20 countries!

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Radii China

Radii is a media platform that aims to cut through general misconceptions of China with content that are driven and from the people living and breathing China.

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China Icons

The blog of the popular Youtube channel of the same name, which covers a wide range of topics related to China including food, culture, language, news and current events and more.

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The Origin of American Idioms

A bilingual language website for Chinese English learners or anyone interested in origin of English idioms and slang.

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China Simplified

China Simplified explores the language, history and more in quick-read, engaging formats making the country and culture super-accessible for a busy world. Untangling the noodles for you!

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Laowai at Large

Descriptions of life and thoughts about living in Shandong Province from an ESL teacher from Canada. Targeted mostly at people considering coming to China to teach.

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China Global Impact

A first-hand look behind the headlines of China’s evolving growth story, authored by American Stephen Perry to help senior executives and national policy makers understand China’s policies in a historical and future long term context.

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China By Teaching

‘China By Teaching’ is a recruitment company set up by Ex Pat teachers with the specific aim of matching teachers with schools of good reputations in China.

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The Daxue 大学博客

A blog covering developments in Chinese Higher Education, with commentary on significant developments. Op-Ed pieces provide further analysis of major issues in Chinese higher education. Authored by Mike Gow, Global Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai and a specialist on the reform and development of China’s universities and the contribution of higher education reform to China’s overarching strategy for political, social, economic and cultural development.

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China Hush

China Hush was created by Key, an ethnic Chinese located overseas. He and a handful of compatriots post regular updates exploring issues of Chinese culture and society, from the perspective of a foreigner with inside access.

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China Smack

China Smack is a blog which often highlights China’s domestic controversies and reveals the internal debate that happens among netizens. Regularly updated and heavily trafficked.

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JR’s Beautiful Blog

A Cold Warrior’s China blog. Translating Chinese articles into English, making Net Nanny talk, and discussion of China’s economy.

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The Reasonable Man

A blog with articles mostly to do with Hong Kong and China (and a few other topics). The Reasonable Man seeks to understand and explain China and it culture to the West with an extremely pro-China stance.

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Blogs that have been inactive for more than a year:

Yansong’s Blog is about life in the gaming journalism industry in Nanjing. Read more here.

Fool’s Mountain (愚公移山) is a collaborative effort amongst writers focused on Chinese issues. Through their blog, they publish regular English-language articles and essays for both a Western and Chinese audience. Read more here.

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