Personal Blogs

Personal Blogs

The blogs listed below are stories about China on a number of topics from the perspectives of the authors.

For the sake of this blog directory, we’re dividing this up into two categories:

General Personal Blogs About China

The Travel Bug Bite

Travel Bug Bite is Olena Kagui’s online portfolio of all her articles, including her adventures in China.

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Hello Uncle Foreigner

Created by an American couple who left behind life in the United States to teach English in China, Hello Uncle Foreigner is a blog and Youtube channel about life in China.

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Diary of a Mad Chaos

A blog exploring the cultural differences between China and Western society. Features articles about China in both English and Chinese.

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Cool Kid Andy

Cool Kid Andy writes about travel, culture, and Beijing school/learning articles.

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The Mulan Show

Fashion and lifestyle vlogger Adrianna Wang, aka Mulan, shares all the latest fashion tips on her Weibo account, the Mulan Show and on Meipai.

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Hutong Hygge

Join Katrina as she shares her journey – and tips – on discovering hygge (with Chinese characteristics) in her own Chinese backyard.

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Expats Teach in China

A blog about living, teaching and traveling China and surrounding countries. Everything from everyday struggles, visa tips to travel stories.

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Good Luck SJ

Oxford Chinese Studies student exploring her intrigue for China and it’s neighbor countries whilst outside the classroom.

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A Bear and a Pig

A Bear and a Pig is the bilingual blog of a British-Chinese couple based in China. Discover places, culture and food from the perspectives of two individuals from opposite sides of the world in two very different languages combined in one blog.

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Wandering But Not Lost

The personal blog of an expat English teacher chronicling his experiences in China. Frequently updates and often includes links to external sites that publish the author’s writing.

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From Africa to China

This Sino-African blog authored by four African expats is a platform to engage and share their thoughts and experiences both in and outside of the classroom as Africans. Here they document their adventures; favorite and not so favorite moments that individually and collectively define their year in China.

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A Nebraskan in China

The journey of a Nebraskan teacher in China, coming via the Middle East.

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General Quarters

Subtitled “Adventures & Musings of a Black Man with Yellow Fever”, General Quarters is a blog authored by a heterosexual expat man about life in China.

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American Teacher in China

The personal blog of an American from Tennessee, in China since 2012. This blog highlights the authors teaching experiences, winter and summer camps, vacations and weekend getaways, soapbox commentaries, and more, often featuring photos and video.

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Heather in Beijing

A personal blog by Heather and her adventures in Beijing.

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China Sports Blogs

Badminton Becky

Badminton Becky is the adventures, trials and tribulations of an American girl learning badminton in China.

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