Chinese language blogs

Below you’ll find a list of English language blogs which are authored in or feature content about China. Blogs are organized into two broad categories based on region: Mainland China and Hong Kong & Taiwan.

Chinese Hand 中国通

A regularly updated blog with a collection of idioms, recommendations on resources for Chinese learners, and much more.

Learn Mandarin Now

A blog for learners of Mandarin, including dozens of blog posts on a variety of subjects. Created an infographic in 2015 titled “50+ Bloggers Tell You How to Learn Mandarin” which was very popular.

Marco Polo Project

Marco Polo Project is an online community reading and translating new writing from China. We publish a diverse selection of non-fiction, fiction and poetry, from the Chinese web, with a particular focus on social and cultural analysis.

Hanbridge Mandarin Blog

The blog of a Mandarin language school with locations in Chengdu, Zhuhai and Shenzhen. As of summer 2015, they have a frequently-updated blog with posts about specific topics including Chinese terminology for learners.

Chinese Grammar Wiki

While not a blog in the strictest sense, the Chinese Grammar Wiki is an invaluable resources created by John Pasden of Sinosplice. As the name implies, the Chinese Grammar Wiki is a continually updated source of information on Chinese grammar for language learners. It is an authoritative source on this particular aspect of the Chinese language for foreign learners.


Sinosplice is a language blog authored by John, who’s been in China for 10 years. Sinosplice is updated occasionally  but has a great backlog of useful tips and resources for learning Chinese.

My Chinese Notebook

My Chinese Notebook is a blog for Mandarin Chinese learners. Includes lots of new vocabulary and usage examples to help you get started using new words and phrases.

Confused Laowai

The tales of a foreigner blogging his way through the confusing (yet exciting) adventure of learning Chinese. Regular posts on advancing your Chinese including tips, tricks and guides.

Blogs which have gone offline:

TutorMing Blog

TutorMing’s blog offers interesting, supplementary posts on learning Chinese and the Chinese language, with a dash of Chinese culture thrown in.

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