China personal blogs

The People’s Republic of Kung Fu

The blog of an expat named Rob who dedicated himself to training kung fu for 6 hours a day and documented the process on this blog.

Dies Fernweh

The personal blog of Sichuan native Ting Lan, musing about China and what it means to be Chinese. In her words, “to take a good look at China, to get to know more what’s in my blood, and what it really means to be Chinese.”

Wandering But Not Lost

The personal blog of an expat English teacher chronicling his experiences in China. Frequently updates and often includes links to external sites that publish the author’s writing.

From Africa to China

This Sino-African blog authored by four African expats is a platform to engage and share their thoughts and experiences both in and outside of the classroom as Africans. Here they document their adventures; favorite and not so favorite moments that individually and collectively define their year in China.

A Nebraskan in China

The journey of a Nebraskan teacher in China, coming via the Middle East.

Foolhardy & Rash

A blog authored by expat traveler couple, coming from the U.K. and recording impressions of Chengdu, Sichuan among other cities in China.

General Quarters

Subtitled “Adventures & Musings of a Black Man with Yellow Fever”, General Quarters is a blog authored by a heterosexual expat man about life in China.

Kung Fu Princess on the Road

A blog about training Chinese Martial Arts full time in China and many other living & traveling tips, to inspire and help you find your way in China..

Figuring it Out

A blog all about Kirsten’s late-twenties-crisis move from London to Chengdu, China. With observations about her day-to-day life living in China and tales of her sporadic adventures, this blog is all about her figuring out what the heck to do with the rest of my life.

Dumb Shanghai

Authored by proud laowai Rachel Deason, Dumb Shanghai is a collection of stories of her foibles in expatting: from fapiao to dating to navigating Chinese hospitals and beyond.

Saturn Science

A blog authored by American science teacher Kevin Smith, now a science teacher in Chengdu. Frequently publishes content about education and teaching in Chengdu, as well as some insight into local live in the Sichuan capital.

Team China Physio

A blog about the inside working’s of the Chinese Olympic Team, and views and opinions as a foreigner (expat from Australia) working with Team China.

Bearded Giant in China

The personal blog of a very tall, bearded American traveler who has relocated to Changchun in the North of China. Features posts about experiences and observations in China.

Sinophile: A Blog with Chinese Characteristics

A blog about Chinese culture, authored by an American girl who grew up in Nepal and later studied Mandarin for five years in Xian.

Life, Love & Travel

Life, Love & Travel is the blog of a world traveling environmental microbiologist named Shalinee from South Africa. Features posts about personal adventures in China and more, often not only restricted to China.

Glass of Scotch

The blog of a family of four – a husband and wife with two daughters – describing their adventures living in China. Features personal posts as well as informational guides for other expats in China.

Chinese Whispers

Tales of teaching English at Wuhan University (South East China), from September 2014 to June 2015.

Rye’s Blog

The personal blog of Rye Jones, a Fulbright fellow in Shanghai researching Contemporary Comparative Chinese Political Philosophy.

American Teacher in China

The personal blog of an American from Tennessee, in China since 2012. This blog highlights the authors teaching experiences, winter and summer camps, vacations and weekend getaways, soapbox commentaries, and more, often featuring photos and video.

Lucy in China

Photography and observations from around China but mostly in Beijing, by Lucy.


The blog of a young Swedish entrepreneur living in Shanghai, sharing thoughts on life in China.

Travel Bugs Together

An English couple currently teaching English in China, chronicling their adventures.

Soaring Red Bucket

Figuring out life in China. A young Australian living and studying in Nanjing, observations, experiences and advice. Includes budget travel around various provinces in China.

Danny’s Life in China

A personal blog about living in China and everything that comes with it. Stories, travels, bizarre situations, tips and more.

Alice’s Adventures in Chinaland

A blog about au pairing in Beijing, full of ridiculous happenings and sarcasm!

Michael Tyler in China

The blog os Michael Tyler, working as a Teacher in Kunshan in Jiangsu Province, China. Smell the orient without moving from your cosy living room.

Crashing a Bike in China

A lighthearted, all-round look at Chinese life from an English teacher living in Changchun.

Nathan in China

The adventures of Nathan and Chris as they make their way through Chinese life. From small villages in the countryside around Wenzhou to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing.

Chachin’ Ain’t Easy

The personal blog of Sascha Matuszak, an American living in Shanghai who’s written extensively about China politics, culture and happenings. Features short stories in addition to blog posts about his life in Shanghai, raising his first son.

Natalie Goes to Macau

Natalie is in Macau! She writes about what her life is like and includes photos and information on what the day to day routine is like in the former Portugese colony of Macau.

Borrowed Culture

Borrowed Culture is the blog of a “Young graduate on the quest to understand China”. Here you’ll find blog posts on culture, politics and lifestyle of a foreigner abroad.

Abbey & Botts in Chengdu

Abbey and Botts have recently moved to Chengdu and have been blogging about their adventures in the Sichuan capital ever since.

Life Behind the Wall

Life Behind the Wall shares the experiences of a Black-American woman married to a Chinese man 14 years younger than her. They live together in Zhejiang Province China and publish content about the various adventures of their life with humor. It is educational and entertaining.

You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

You’re Not From Around Here is the personal blog of an English traveler who after traveling, working and volunteering around the world (reaching over 80 countries), has settled in China.

Writer, Traveler, Tea Drinker.

I am a writer, traveler, and tea drinker. I spent 10 idyllic years in a small New Hampshire town until the call of the road was too loud to ignore. I came to China and ever since my first day I wake up excited for the day ahead of me and I go to sleep with a big smile on my face. It has been a long time since I’ve been like that.

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