Regional China blogs

Below you’ll find a list of English language blogs which are authored in or feature content about China. Blogs are organized into two broad categories based on region: Mainland China and Hong Kong & Taiwan.

Mainland China blogs

Far West China

American Josh has lived in Xinjiang for over ten years and shares his experience and wisdom on his regional blog. Far West China is one of the few English-language Xinjiang blogs that has remained throughout Xinjiang losing internet access for over half a year. Great content from a fascinating region of China.

Adventures from Amoy

Travel stories and advice based authored by expat residents of Xiamen, Anna and Gus. Adventures in the well known coastal city Xiamen, based in Fujian province, and formerly known as Amoy.

Beijing’s Corners

A pictographic blog about China’s capital which chooses to express the experience of living in Beijing through imagery instead of words.

Hotpot & Dumplings

Chapter extracts from a book by an Englishwoman working in Tonghua Jilin Province, 2003-2004. Sheila Cornelius, aged 60, worked for a Chinese publishing company located 60 miles from the North Korean border.

Do Chengdu

The blog of a Hong Konger in Chengdu – what to do, what to see, where to go, where to eat, and all that is interesting in my daily adventures in this city of leisure.

Jing Theory

The blog of Shanghai-based writer Jenny – a freelance writer, producer and photographer. She has been published in Conde Nast Traveler, Epicure, Time Out, CNNGo, Jing Daily, and is a contributor to the book “1001 Restaurants to Experience Before You Die”, published worldwide in 2014.

Chengdu Living

Chengdu Living is a blog about life in the capital of Sichuan Province. It features weekly updates on a number of topics including culture, language, politics and more. Authored by a small group of Americans who have lived in Chengdu for a number of years.

Notes from Xian

Notes from Xian is a regional blog written by a foreigner living in Xian. It features posts and content on a number of topics including lifestyle, culture, and language local to the Shanxi capital city in central China.

Shanghai Novice

Shanghai Novice is a guide to living in Shanghai and China for the 20 and 30 something. But it’s more then just practical! Shanghai Novice shows the fun, quirky and strange side of daily life in China in and around Shanghai.

Shanghai Scrap

Observations on Asia and the world by Adam Minter, an American writer in Shanghai.

A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai

A chronic, compulsive expat washes up on Shanghai’s shores and spends two and a half years documenting it with covert mobile phone photos, half baked observations and highly strung commentary. Oh, and an ongoing series of expat interviews asking everyone else why they went away.

Side Spitting – Beijing Ramblings

The daily ramblings and selected news du jour from a Beijing spit dodger.

PRC and Me (Shenzhen)

PRCandME is a combination of daily diary/picture entries and commentary on current Chinese events. The motivation for this blog came from not only wanting to give friends and family back home a clearer visualization about daily life here in Shenzhen, but also provide a simple roundup of important Chinese-focused news that’s easy for everyone to read and understand.

Hong Kong & Taiwan blogs

Journey to Hong Kong

Journey to Hong Kong is the personal blog of Anna Tam, a world traveler who’s settled in the eastern metropolis of Hong Kong. She authors posts in both English and Chinese about local culture and happenings.

Lose and Find Taiwan

A creative arts and travel blog based around life, study and work in Taiwan.

Butter Boom

Butter Boom is a Hong Kong shopping and lifestyle blog which focuses primarily on showcasing the things that are important to fashionistas, trendsetters and shopaholics in Hong Kong. Useful for finding out what’s going on in Hong Kong or what’s popular at the moment.


The original Hong Kong-based Chinese media translation blog. An excellent comparative resource.

Gillian Chu – A Hong Kong Blog

A Hong Kong based blog on lifestyle, fashion, art, travel, culture, and sports.

Living in Hong Kong

A hilarious blog about my crazy experiences I make during a gap year in Hong Kong. Some content is published in German but this blog is mostly in English.

Blogs which have gone offline:


Authored by an American woman living in Qinghai with her husband and daughter, Nama-mama is a personal blog. Nama means “daughter-in-law” in Amdo Tibetan.

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