Non-English China Blogs

Non-English Blogs

Below is a list of non-English blogs about China which have been submitted. To add your blog, click here: Add a Blog.

Dutch Blogs

Judith in China
Judith in China is a Dutch blog about Judith’s adventures in China.
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China 2025
China 2025 is a crowdblog written for and by Dutch speaking China professionals. The blog’s aim is to stimulate the Dutch network of China professionals by sharing experiences and knowledge.
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Go Yvon
Welkom op GoYvon. Op GoYvon neemt Yvonne (30+) je mee in haar leven in Beijing, China. Je vindt hier tips voor je reis naar China, maar ook voor je reizen naar andere landen kun je hier terecht. Verder kun je hier geregeld lezen over de Chinese cultuur en Yvonne haar werk als leerkracht.
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German Blogs in China

German in China
Authored by a German expat living in China, 德国人 in China is a blog about various aspects of life in China. Frequently includes series of posts on specific topics, such as China’s internet culture. Authored in German.
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Insight Beats
InsightBeats is a German blog on the pulse of today’s China: New, fresh, cool, innovative, trendy, buzzing, colourful, loud and exciting!

Italian Blogs in China

Alberto Forchielli: A Lens on China
A business oriented blog by a Harvard MBA educated Italian investment fund manager living between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Articles about China culture, economy and lifestyle.
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