Greater China blogs

The blogs listed below focus on a number of topics, from life in China to travel to finding work.

U.K. China Life

Authored by an English expat living in China, conveying stories and experiences of life in the middle kingdom through the lens of a European. Frequently published articles available in both English and Chinese.

Travel China Cheaper

Created by the founder of the wonderful Xinjiang blog Far West China, Travel China Cheaper is a blog about frugal travel all across China. Features a number of helpful article and photos from around the country.

China Icons

The blog of the popular Youtube channel of the same name, which covers a wide range of topics related to China including food, culture, language, news and current events and more.

What’s on Weibo

Subtitled “Inside the trending topics of China”, What’s on Weibo is a blog that provides cultural, political, and historical insight into topics trending on China’s popular Weibo social network. Authored by a Dutch pundit on Chinese social media.

The Origin of American Idioms

A bilingual language website for Chinese English learners or anyone interested in origin of English idioms and slang.

Yansong’s Blog

Authored by a blogger, editor, and translator located in Nanjing working in the gaming journalism industry. This blog is a collection of thoughts on a number of issues affecting greater China, but often features insightful, analytical blog posts.

Krazy China

A blog about mainland Chinese culture, with particular focus on the bizarre and odd facets of live in the middle kingdom. Includes several helpful guides on internet technology and VPN use.

China Simplified

China Simplified explores the language, history and more in quick-read, engaging formats making the country and culture super-accessible for a busy world. Untangling the noodles for you!


Created by a Chinese girl named Amy who moved to the United States after being in China for 24 years, Yzenith is about cooking authentic Chinese food but also features dozens of informative posts on Chinese history and culture. Worth checking out.

John’s Little Green Book

Over 60 years ago, Mao’s “Little Red Book” changed Chinese thinking. I want to do the same thing by showing the great, socially responsible things happening in China at the grassroots level.

Laowai at Large

Descriptions of life and thoughts about living in Shandong Province from an ESL teacher from Canada. Targeted mostly at people considering coming to China to teach.

Laowai Life

A blog about an American who left a desk job in the states to go teach, travel, and live in China.

China Focus

China in Focus is a student-run blog sponsored by the 21st Century China Program at the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. Its mission is to provide a context for understanding China, China’s role in the world, and U.S.-China relations.

China Global Impact

A first-hand look behind the headlines of China’s evolving growth story, authored by American Stephen Perry to help senior executives and national policy makers understand China’s policies in a historical and future long term context.

The Daxue 大学博客

A blog covering developments in Chinese Higher Education, with commentary on significant developments. Op-Ed pieces provide further analysis of major issues in Chinese higher education. Authored by Mike Gow, Global Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai and a specialist on the reform and development of China’s universities and the contribution of higher education reform to China’s overarching strategy for political, social, economic and cultural development.

China Adventure: Homeschooling in China

A blog about homeschooling and living in China while maintaining a certain degree of sanity.
We are a homeschooling family of 6. We are packed our bags, left our South African home and family to move to China. We looked, read and researched and realised that there were very few resources for families like ours moving to China, and we wanted to help through what we learned along the way. We love homeschooling, we love China and we love travel.

China Stock Watch

Tracking major Chinese stocks and earnings reports, plus daily business briefs.

Tea Leaf Nation

Tea Leaf Nation is an e-magazine founded in 2011 that aspires to be a must-read source for China experts of all stripes–journalists, diplomats, academics, analysts–while remaining fun and accessible to casual China watchers. Our founding team, based in China and the United States, scours Chinese social media every day to spot trends, gauge sentiment, and carry major news stories one level deeper.

China Elevator Stories

China Elevators features conversations with locals in China, anecdotes from everyday life and a few posts on how this blogger fell in love head over heels with a Chinese guy is now her husband.

How China

An instructional blog designed by help other expats in the middle kingdom find answers and overcome common obstacles.

China Gaze

China Gaze is a news and cultural portal into the life and times of the Chinese people from past to present. Regularly features content published about non-contemporary China, including the 1970’s and 80’s.

Fool’s Mountain

Fool’s Mountain (愚公移山) is a collaborative effort amongst writers focused on Chinese issues. Through their blog, they publish regular English-language articles and essays for both a Western and Chinese audience.

China Hush

China Hush was created by Key, an ethnic Chinese located overseas. He and a handful of compatriots post regular updates exploring issues of Chinese culture and society, from the perspective of a foreigner with inside access.

China Smack

China Smack is a blog which often highlights China’s domestic controversies and reveals the internal debate that happens among netizens. Regularly updated and heavily trafficked.

China Hope Live

A North American couple with a background in Intercultural Studies tries to make a life in China. This is their coping mechanism/

Borrowed Culture

A recent graduate tries to understand the endless nuances of Chinese culture. A blog with focus on the interaction between the old and the new within China, as well as travel, stories and

The China Times

The China Times is a daily english newspaper founded in Europe and published online since 2009. It is the second English Times newspaper origin from Mainland China in digital age. The China Times primarily covers Chinese social, business and economic topics, as well as international politital

China-Europe Focus

In their own words, “this China blog is an initiative of PMC Connect bv. It is the interactive replacement for the former e-newsletter China-Europe Business Talk”. Located in the heart of the Netherlands in the city of IJsselstein and featuring regular content about China-Europe economics, business, science/technology and culture.

JR’s Beautiful Blog

A Cold Warrior’s China blog. Translating Chinese articles into English, making Net Nanny talk, and discussion of China’s economy.

M&Mx Chinese Comics

M and MX is a husband and wife creative team who have together developed a new web destination for their comics. Magnus and Mingxing (“M” for Magnus and “MX” for Mingxing) contains unique stories about China along with a bilingual English/Chinese comic


Insights on Chinese-language Internet culture, Internet marketing and

Inside-Out China

A Chongqing local who immigrated to Boston in 1988 shares perspective on greater China

Alberto Forchielli: A Lens on China

A business oriented blog by a Harvard MBA educated Italian investment fund manager living between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Articles about China culture, economy and

Blogs which have gone offline:

Riding the Wild Dragon

An expose on manufacturing in China, authored by an American named Jonathan Bicker, in Mainland China.


English language insights into China’s wildly popular Sina Weibo microblog platform. Translations, hashtag popularity charts, censorship alerts and more.


Danwei is a website about media, advertising and urban life in China. With frequent references to and translations from Mainland Chinese media, Danwei publishes fresh information about China that you won’t find anywhere else.

Way China

A blog providing overviews of greater China culture, oddities, and news, Way China is published by an anonymous English expat in China.

Emperor Cuckoo

Human interest news from mainland China drawn from Chinese-language newspapers along with stories of ordinary Chinese people not carried by mainstream Western media. Translated into English with parallel Chinese text.

Seeing Red in China

Dedicated to creating a complete guide to modern China, Seeing Red In China provides daily posts about everything from traditional culture, to politics, education and misadventures.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land is a humorous, anecdotal account of the adventures of an American man teaching and living in Zhengzhou, China. It includes stories about school, travels and friends, as well as Chinese culture, food and history. The author is a former journalist so the blog is written with a reporter’s eye for detail and insight.

The China Egg Blog

A comprehensive blog about coming to China, finding work, and establishing a life here. Authored by an English teacher hailing from the United Kingdom.

China Adventurer Travel Blog

Reliable travel info, tips, guides, stories, news, & more for how to dive into Chinese culture and have a unique and exciting adventure traveling in China.

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